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Sporades Sailing Holidays: A 7-Day Itinerary Like No Other


ave you been enchanted by the Sporades siren call of beauty? Are you planning on having a cruise around the Sporades islands on a private yacht? That’s great! The Sporades sailing holidays are an experience on its own for both first-timers and experienced sailors. Ideal winds, azure waters, secluded bays and charming towns make up for a sailing destination that is bound to steal your heart! Just follow our 7-day Sporades itinerary and get ready for a vibrant yacht cruise in Greece far from the ordinary.

7-Day Itinerary to the Sporades Islands

With Cyclades and the Ionian Islands being more popular for a yacht cruise, Sporades provide a great opportunity for a more relaxed sailing vacation. When talking about Sporades, most people just think of the four inhabited islands of this complex. Indeed, the unique character of each one of these islands makes them ideal for island-hoping. However, this emerald jewel of the Aegean has much more to offer to those who know where to sail to. And Blu Cove Yachting is here to get you into the well-kept secrets of the area.

Day 1: Getting to know Volos

The city of Volos is the ideal starting point for your cruise. Not only does it offer a well-organized marina with easy access to the Sporades islands, but it is also an exciting destination itself, with plenty of nature to admire and lots of activities to do.

Volos extends all around the Pagasetic Gulf offering a large coastline with a variety of serene beaches with the calmest waters for an unbothered sailing experience. Hop on your chartered yacht and begin your Sporades cruise by browsing them one by one. Don’t forget to have a stop at Palaio Trikeri, an isolated little island, surrounded by verdant mountains that create a distinctive fjord atmosphere.

When you get hungry, trying the tsipouradika experience is non-negotiable! Just choose a tsipouro tavern, order a tsipouro and get ready to try the freshest and most delicious fish you have ever tasted!

In the evening, have a stroll by the port in Volos, sip a cocktail at the seaside bars and try mouthwatering local delicacies for a perfect start of your Sporades sailing holidays.

Day 2: The magnificent beauty of Pelion

Sail around the awe-inspiring mountain of Pelion to discover a number of marvelous beaches with an unearthly rocky backdrop that showcases the wild beauty of the place.

Your first stop should definitely be at Agia Kyriaki, a lovely little village that is known for its island-like vibes. White-washed houses overlooking the immense blue of the Aegean, a picturesque port with traditional fishing boats swaying around and a tranquil beach away from the touristic crowds make up for a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Moving on, there is a great number of beaches to explore. Milopotamos, Agios Ioannis, Chorefto and Plaka are only some of the most beautiful ones.

Hiking is also a great option while in Pelion. Hike through the verdant nature with an immense view of the Aegean accompanying you at every step of the way and visit enchanting traditional villages of another era.

Day 3: Skiathos – The cosmopolitan side of Sporades

Skiathos is the first Sporades island you will meet once you leave Pelion. Its sun-kissed shores and crystal-clear waters along with the lush pine forests create an exotic landscape that feels out of this world. But its wonderful beaches (such as Koukounaries and Lalaria) are not the only reason to visit Skiathos.

Its strategic location also offers easy access to a number of uninhabited islets, such as Aspronisi, Maragkos and Arkos, with pristine beaches that are ideal for sailors looking for serenity and privacy. Tsougrias islet is also worth a visit. Its lush vegetation, golden beach and turquoise waters have led its many admirers into comparing it with the Caribbean.

In the evening, explore Skiathos Town with its beautiful cobblestone streets adorned with blossomy bougainvilleas. A variety of cafes, restaurants and bars are there to show you the cosmopolitan character of the island.

Day 4: Skopelos – A… Mamma Mia experience

If you have watched Mamma Mia, you have already fallen in love with Skopelos. If you haven’t, you’ll feel a strong desire to do so after your Sporades sailing holidays.

Unlike Skiathos, Skopelos offers a laid-back atmosphere ideal for families and tranquility seekers. Sail to Stafilos, Panormos, Kastani and other beaches to admire the unique combination of evergreen hills and deep blue waters. Agia Anna beach is also great for snorkeling, with cave entrances and reefs to explore.

Don’t miss out on climbing 198 steps on a rock to visit Agios Ioannis Chapel, a picturesque church built on the top of a rock. The views of the Aegean are fantastic and it is not by chance that this spot was selected as the setting for Sophie’s wedding in Mamma Mia.


Day 5: Alonissos – Marine exploration at its best

Alonissos is a heavenly refuge not only for those who are dreaming of the most relaxing Sporades sailing holidays but for rare species, such as the Monachus-Monachus seal, as well.

This Sporades island has its fair share of peaceful beaches with soft sand and crystalline waters. But its true gem is the National Marine Park. An underwater museum awaits for you there. Snorkel in its azure waters and admire the vibrant coral reefs, the diverse marine life and even the remains of an ancient shipwreck!

Alonissos also offers a variety of hiking trails amidst the lush greenery and it’s a great way to truly get to know the nature of the island if you are into such activities.

Days 6-7: Skyros – A forgotten paradise

Skyros is the largest and most distant Sporades island, which is why most travelers skip it. However, if you wish for your Sporades sailing holidays to be complete, you can’t miss out on it.

Due to its location, Skyros does not attract as many tourists as the rest of the Sporades islands. As a result, it offers a great number of virgin beaches with soft sand and verdant trees that are ideal for a day of relaxation.

Take advantage of your chartered yacht to sail to the remote but paradise-like beach of Agalipa and don’t forget to visit Pouria beach to admire the Agios Nikolaos Chapel that is carved on a rock.

Skyros also provides easy access to the nearby islets of Sarakiniko, Skyropoula and Valaxa which are definitely worth a visit. While sailing there, take some time to admire the wonderful sea caves. You can also sail through Pentekali, the largest of them all.

Sporades Sailing Holidays on a Chartered Yacht

As seen from the above, the Sporades islands have a lot more to offer than one could expect. Chartering a yacht in Greece will help you make the most out of your Sporades sailing holidays, by following an itinerary that is perfectly planned according to your needs and tastes.

To make planning your Sporades cruise even easier, Blu Cove Yachting has not only created a Sporades itinerary, but also offers a fleet of high quality chartered yachts in Greece for you to book the one that best suits your preferences. Charter a yacht today and start packing!

Have a look at our fleet, book your ideal yacht and get ready for your cruise in Greece!

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