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Everything you Need to Know about Going on a Family Cruise


oing on a family cruise is an invaluable experience that provides great opportunities for creating everlasting memories. Navigating the open seas, playing relentlessly in the water, exploring exciting places and indulging in new activities along with your kids creates an even stronger bond between you, filling your vacation with their heartwarming smiles and infectious laughing. Of course, a family cruise also has its challenges and there are certain things you need to be prepared for. We have prepared a guide including everything you need to know before going on a family cruise, so that you and your little ones will be sure to have the time of your life aboard!

What is the Best Age to Start Cruising with Kids

Organized cruises usually accept babies as young as six months old while the minimum age limit for drop-off kids programming is 2-3 years old.

However, on a private cruise there are no limitations as far as your kids’ age is concerned. It all depends on how you would like your experience to be. A cruise with a baby or toddler who has not developed autonomy yet, will definitely need more meticulous planning as to the kid’s meals and bedtime. Plus, it may be more difficult to find activities designed for such young ages at your destination.

Taking this into consideration, we could say that any age above three years old is a good age to start cruising with your kids. By that age, the kid has most probably been potty trained, can eat a variety of foods and can participate in various group activities involving other kids. As a result, it will be easier and more fun for all the family members to be up and exploring during your cruise..

“Adventure is worthwhile.”

– Aesop

What is the Best Length of Cruise for Kids

The ideal length for a family cruise depends on the age of your kids. Toddlers and preschoolers get bored and tired easily, so a cruise lasting for 3-5 days will be just fine for them. On the other hand, older kids and teenagers love longer cruises that give them the opportunity to explore more places and try out different activities. A ten-day family cruise is ideal for such ages.

For families with kids at different ages, a private cruise would be the best choice. This way, you can have a long cruise with lots of destinations to discover and frequent stops to attract the attention of your younger ones. Besides, you can always change plans any time depending on your kids’ needs. This freedom to plan your own cruise itinerary during a private cruise saves the day (and the family vacation)!

What Do you Do on a Group Cruise with Kids

From kid shows, crafting sessions and trivia contests to deck parties and water shows for the whole family, group cruises offer a great variety of onboard activities to make sure that your kids never get bored. Cruise ships also come with various amenities, such as board games and children’s books or even waterslides, roller skating rinks and trampolines.

Group cruises that are focused on families include activities for kids on land too. At most destinations, there are particular performances and points of interest that are addressed to children, so if your kids are into them, you can book a spot there too. That way, you won’t have to come up with activities to do on a cruise with kids.

What Do you Do on a Private Cruise with Kids

On the other hand, a private family cruise provides endless opportunities to spend quality time with your kids and interact with them in new ways that allow you to discover hidden aspects of their personality.

Have a dive in the open sea, go fishing or snorkeling and discover the sea world together. Try exhilarating water sports (like water skiing or parasailing) with your teens or laugh your heart out with your younger ones with inflatable games on the water. Many charter yachts provide such equipment to make your family cruise even more entertaining.

As with the group cruises, on a private cruise you can also book some kids attractions at the destinations you drop anchor, but there are also other activities the whole family can enjoy. Depending on the destination you choose, here are some ideas for activities that will remain unforgettable for all of you:

  • Explore secluded beaches, sea caves and other local gems, let the kids interact with nature by playing with the sand, climbing on the rocks and touching the cave walls.
  • Go hiking to truly get to know the area’s landscape
  • Wander in the area on a bike
  • Taste the local cuisine and let your kids discover the world by trying new flavors
  • Visit museums and popular landmarks, discuss their importance and the cultural differences you notice

Group or Private Cruise for a Family

A group cruise certainly needs less planning, since there is a set schedule for all passengers. As mentioned above, there are also a lot of activities for kids, so you can have some time alone while your kids have a great time socializing with other kids.

However, there is little room for personalization. You have to follow the cruise’s schedule which may not agree with the freedom you would like to have during your vacation. A group cruise also means that you will spend your vacation with a lot of other, unknown people, which can be a great opportunity for making new friends but can also become noisy and awkward at times.

On the other hand, a private cruise offers an experience that is totally tailored to your family’s needs. From the type of boat you are going to sail with and the destinations included in your cruise to the cruise’s duration and the activities you are going to do, everything can be adjusted to your family’s preferences.

Plus, there is no need to rush! Your kids are having a blast at the beach and would like to spend more time there than initially planned? Done! Wish to stop and admire the horizon in the middle of the sea? Sure! Want to try your sailing skills and teach your kids a little about sailing? Why not!

Charter a Yacht for a Family Cruise

You surely want nothing but the best for your family and this includes the yacht for your family cruise. You need a vessel that is totally reliable, providing absolute safety and comfort for your loved ones.

At Blu Cove Yachting you will find a variety of carefully selected yachts that will fulfill your most demanding criteria. With a great range of amenities to offer an unparalleled onboard experience, you can rest assured that your family will have a vacation that will remain engraved in their hearts for many years to come.

Charter a yacht today and start planning an unforgettable family cruise for the most treasured people in your life!

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