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Going Yachting in Greece? Here’s What You Need!


s this your first time yachting in Greece? Are you sure you have what it takes to sail the Greek seas like a true Argonaut? Don’t worry! Blu Cove Yachting has you covered. We asked experienced Greek sailors and gathered their most valuable tips for a safe and comfortable cruise around the Greek islands. Follow their advice and get ready to have the time of your life on your first bareboat yacht charter in Greece.

Getting Prepared for a Yacht Cruise in Greece

Most reliable chartered yachts offer a variety of amenities to provide maximum convenience while at sea. However, there are some details you should also make sure to take care of to ensure that you have everything you might need aboard. So before heading off for your next adventure at sea, don’t forget to check the following off your list.

Sunscreen. Lots and Lots of It!

It may sound self-evident, but you will be surprised to learn how many tourists in Greece end up getting badly sunburnt every summer because they underestimated the Mediterranean sun. And it only gets worse when sailing.
The sea breeze can easily trick you into thinking that it is not too hot or you can spend an hour or two relaxing on the deck without reapplying your sunscreen. This can result in a sunburn that will take days to fade, leaving you in discomfort and stopping you from fully enjoying your vacation. To avoid this, make sure to be constantly equipped with enough sunscreen for every person aboard.

Snacks for Hidden Tracks

You surely have heard a lot about food in Greece. And it’s all true. Greece has a mouthwatering cuisine that will leave your palate craving for more. However, it may not always be easily accessible.

You see, yachting in Greece provides you with a unique opportunity to visit the most unspoilt spots. Beaches of immense natural beauty, hidden caves away from the crowds, stunning uninhabited islets, this wonderful country offers a great variety of impressive gems for you to explore. But there’s a catch.

Once you arrive there, you will find nothing more than unprecedented serenity, which is of course much appreciated until… one of you gets hungry. In which case, you will have to disrupt your relaxing day at the beach and sail away looking for food.

But what if you could grab a quick bite while you’re there? Having equipped your chartered yacht with a number of snacks will allow you to keep enjoying your day unhurried. Plus, snacks are great for late night munchies and absolutely necessary if you’re vacationing with your young ones. Don’t forget to get some refreshments too! You will find them to be almost life-saving when lying in the sun.

Jackets Are a Sailor’s Best Friend

We have already talked about the dangers of the summer sun. But did you know that you may also stumble upon strong winds while yachting in Greece? The Meltemi, the Aegean’s renowned summer wind, can be pretty fierce even in the hottest August days. Not to mention that when the sun goes down it can get quite chilly. So don’t let the sunny photos trick you! Packing some sweatshirts and a jacket is an absolute must.

Book It to Lock It

Have you spotted any special activities you’d like to try out in Greece? Are there any specific restaurants, bars or clubs you wish to visit? Then don’t hesitate to make a reservation as early as possible. Greece is a world-renowned tourist destination and it’s stormed with people during high season. If you’re visiting in the summer months, be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time to make sure that you will manage to do everything you have been dreaming of during your yacht cruise in Greece.


The Weather Forecast is Not to Be Overlooked

Preparing for a cruise is so exciting! You’ve planned your itinerary, checked out thrilling places of interest and exhilarating activities to do, prepared your luggage and you’re ready to sail away! Nothing can spoil your plans. Or can it?

Well, there is a factor that you should always have in mind when yachting in Greece. While most of the times mild and pleasant during the summer, the weather can have surprises in store for sailors. Brief but wild storms, sudden winds and a turbulent sea should be expected even on the sunniest days.

For this reason, be sure to check the weather forecast on a daily basis and be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly.

Cash for Payments in a Flash

In most cases you should be able to make a payment using a card. However, there could be instances where cash is necessary. This includes having a coffee or dining at a traditional restaurant in a remote village or even paying mooring fees at remote bays. Ensure that you have available cash in euro at all times..

Yachting in Greece Has Never Been Easier

Feeling well-prepared and ready to sail the Greek waters? Then it’s time to charter a yacht in Greece and make your dream vacation come true! At Blu Cove Yachting you will find a great variety of reliable and luxury yachts that promise a truly unforgettable cruise in Greece. Choose among its countless magnificent islands, such as the Cyclades or the Ionian Islands, and charter the ideal yacht for a unique summer experience.

Have a look at our fleet, book your ideal yacht and get ready for your cruise in Greece!

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