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North America

NORTH AMERICA offers a dynamic range of destinations to choose from, making it ideal for those who seek diversity and limitless comfort. From the thousands of miles of rocky coastline on the East to the beach-filled coastline on the West, North America is a stunningly diverse charter destination that will be unforgettable.

True Adventure

North America can be broken down into two main cruising areas: the East Coast and the West Coast. Each offer extremely diverse terrain and a unique set of features to appeal to all charterers.

To the East, you have destinations from Florida to Massachusetts. Each offers it own unique twist on charters, from the warm and sunny climate in the south to the rocky shores of north. All along the coast offers incredible scenery, fun nightlife and excellent American cuisine that will keep you coming back for more.

To the West are the two primary destinations of California and Alaska. Endless beaches riddle the California coastline, with stunning scenery and offering countless adventures for everyone. And in Alaska, known for it’s rugged nature and raw beauty, comes the idyllic sightseeing destination for those looking for a true adventure.

Regardless of which coast you choose, the destinations will offer amazing sights, sounds and scenery with endless possibilities.

Whatever destination you choose in North America will provide a real treat, each and every visit.


The primary charter season starts in April and finishes in October. Though the Florida and California coastlines often remain warm, making them ideal year-round chartering destinations.

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