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Why Greece is the perfect yachting destination

Greece provides some of the most wonderful cruising grounds on the planet!

Interspersed within the crystal-clear waters you will discover both picturesque islands with quiet sandy coves, beautiful villages & a warm welcoming atmosphere and cosmopolitan islands with vivid nightlife, all day parties, high-end restaurants and luxury boutiques with fashionable collections.

–          Discover the culture of Athens

Few sights in the world compare to Acropolis, with its Parthenon temple perched high on a rocky crag keeping watch over centuries of civilization. A reminder of the glory of ancient Athens, the Acropolis was the centre of the ancient city and functioned as a citadel in its protected hilltop location.

Plaka and Monastiraki, the most tourist areas of Athens, excite with the picturesque corners and at the same time they provide history lessons. The alleys of Plaka, which reach until the rock of the Acropolis, the island neighbourhood of Anafiotika, the blossoming bougainvilleas, the taverns and the stores of the tourist items create the absolute scenery for endless walks.

–          Watch a beautiful sunset in Cape Sounio

Cape Sounio is on the southern tip of Athens and is the first destination visible while cruising from the Cyclades and Piraeus. Sounio is home to both the Temple of Poseidon and the Sanctuary of Artemis, prolific ancient sites with deep historical meaning. The Temple of Poseidon, once served as a landmark for many sailors during ancient times, symbolizes a near-end to their journey home. Nowadays, charterers enjoy a leisurely land-based tour with a local guide, a beautiful sunset from the Temple and then a romantic dinner onboard the yacht, to symbol the start of an amazing charter experience!

          Enjoy the nightlife of Mykonos

Mykonos is a wonderful Cycladic island, worth visiting at any time of the year. Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity. There are numerous choices to relax and have fun such as at the cosmopolitan “Nammos” in Psarou beach, at the exotic “Buddha Bar” and at the wooden cabanas of the elegant “Scorpios”. However, despite its cosmopolitan character, Mykonos remains a beautiful and picturesque island, whose all white Chora lies next to the sea, with golden beaches, friendly and smiling people and a continuous link with history lasting for centuries.

–          Explore the beauty of Santorini

Santorini is worthily considered one of the most famous and highly desirable destinations on earth. Just think that, apart from the usual pictures, there is an entire island of beauty, incredible beaches, sights and attractions, more than enough to make Santorini a famous destination. The fascinating legend of the island that emerged out of the lathered sea – an island cut into two, the globally unique archaeological riches, the sublime folk architecture and the magic that no picture can capture make Santorini an island of surprises. The view as the yacht approaches the island is breathtaking!

Must do while in Santorini! Visit one of the many wineries of the island. Walk through and discover the history and tradition as well as the new wine making techniques. Take a detailed tour while also tasting some of the exceptional wines.

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