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Private Yacht Charter in Croatia for Adriatic Adventures


ould you ever imagine of a better way to explore the treasures of the Adriatic Sea than a private yacht charter in Croatia? With a breathtaking coastline and thousands of stunning islands scattered along the Adriatic, Croatia is rightly considered one of the best island-hopping destinations in the world. Not to mention the unique architecture and historical importance of cities like Dubrovnic and Split that have become world-renowned for their beauty.
Sailing on a chartered yacht in Croatia offers the perfect opportunity to truly savor everything this magical gem of the Adriatic has to offer. Are you ready for an immersive experience around the Dalmatian Islands?

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Best Sailing Destinations in Croatia

Although Croatia has gained international popularity as a sailing destination only in recent years, it keeps climbing up the list of top destinations for a sailing cruise due to the great variety of itineraries it offers. Whether you are dreaming of long days lying on the golden beach or are a history afficionado determined to roam the streets looking for ancient treasures, a Dalmatian coast cruise has it all!

Dubrovnic is of course a destination not to be missed. It is not only the majestic ancient city walls and the splendid scenery where some of the most powerful scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed that make Dubrovnik a must visit Croatian gem.  The city is also pretty close to some of the best places to sail in Croatia, such as the Mljet National Park, a huge verdant area with two lakes, and the Lokrum Island that offers a number of secluded beaches ideal for a peaceful swim. From Dubrovnik you can also sail to Elafiti Islands. An island complex consisting of 13 beautiful islands, perfect for island-hopping and relentless sunbathing.

charter a yacht in Croatia

The Split Archipelago is another top sailing destination in Croatia and there’s good reason for that. The city of Split itself is a significant maritime center with a great number of facilities for sailors. Here you’ll see modernity and tradition go hand in hand as you pass from the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace to the vibrant city center. But there’s even more to it. While sailing on a private yacht charter in the Split Archipelago you’ll have the chance to visit some of the most stunning Croatian islands. Lose yourself into the lavender fields of Hvar, discover the multifaceted character of the Pakleni Islands, lie on the whitest sand of the most famous Croatian beach in Brac. Let your Croatia yacht cruise be filled with a plethora of experiences.

Looking for the ultimate island-hopping experience in Croatia? Then sail the Sibenik Archipelago. With about 250 islands to explore, the Sibenik Archipelago is undoubtedly the best sailing destination in Croatia if you are dreaming of a long cruise with a lot of change of scenery. With only six of the islands being permanently populated, there are plenty of opportunities for serene exploration and laid-back swimming. Krapanj, Zirje, Prvic and Kaprije are only some of the most worth visiting islands of the Sibenic Archipelago.

But cruising the Adriatic Sea has much more to offer. Lastovo, Korcula, Vis, its treasures are endless! The only thing you need to explore them all is time and a reliable chartered yacht.

charter a yacht in Croatia


Sailing Conditions for a Yacht Charter in Croatia

Apart from its natural beauty and rich culture, another reason why Croatia is such a popular sailing destination is the favoring weather conditions of the area.

Due to its Mediterranean climate, Croatia enjoys warm and dry summers which makes it perfect for a summer yacht cruise in Croatia even for beginners in sailing. However, you should keep in mind that there are some occasional storms as well as winds blowing from the sea and the land.

For those who would like to avoid the crowds, the temperature is also warm during spring and autumn. However, you may experience some stronger winds during these seasons, so unless you are a seasoned sailor, you’d better opt for a crewed chartered yacht. If you are planning on having a yacht cruise in Croatia during the autumn or winter, you should also be prepared for Bura and Siroko, the Adriatic winds that can greatly affect the weather.

6 Highlights of Private Yacht Charters in Croatia

  • Endless island hopping
    Being the second largest archipelago in the Mediterannean (with the Greek one taking the first place), Croatia features more than a thousand islands and islets, making it a perfect destination for an island-hopping cruise.
  • Unparalleled tranquility
    With only 47 of its islands being inhabited, Croatia offers a magnificent range of unspoilt coasts of immense natural beauty. A private yacht charter in Croatia enables you to enjoy infinite moments of relaxation surrounded by nothing more than glistening azure waters and golden sand.
  • Unpretentious luxury
    Croatia has managed to maintain a low profile, free from the extravagant opulence of other popular sailing destinations. This makes it a great alternative for those who are looking for a more authentic experience.
  • Stunning natural beauty
    From hidden coves to national parks and from verdant forests to tropical havens, Croatia is a paradise for nature lovers.
  • Rich history and culture
    Croatia has a rich history that comes to life as you wonder along the dramatic ancient walls, the imposing Medieval castles and picturesque monasteries. Every spot of the Dalmatian coastline and the Adriatic Sea has a different story to tell.
  • Excellent organization for convenient sailing
    Croatia features more than 50 marinas and has an excellent organization when it comes to sailing facilities. Plus, the sailing distances are short which makes it a perfect start for beginners in private yacht cruises.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yacht Charter in Croatia

How much to charter a yacht in Croatia?

Chartering a yacht in Croatia is possible for almost every budget, since the price is adjusted according to many factors, such as the type of yacht, whether it is a bareboat or crewed yacht charter, the cruise duration, the season, the exact location etc

What are the available types of yachts to charter in Croatia?

You can find all types of yacht charter in Croatia. Whether you’d like an all-inclusive yacht charter, a superyacht charter or any other kind of charter, you are sure to find whatever you have in mind.

What are the available types of yachts to charter in Croatia?

As one of the best sailing destinations, Croatia offers a great variety of chartered yachts to choose from. There are motor yacht charters, sailboat charters, etc.

What is the best time for a yacht charter in Croatia?

May and September are the best months for a Croatia yacht cruise, since the weather is still great, but it is not as crowded as it is during the summer months.

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